We create the best solution that meet all market requirements: innovation, reliability and affordability

Whether it is a new product or a disruptive technology, an engineering invention or a high-density motherboard, we partner with our customers to create the best solution that will meet all market requirements: innovation, reliability and affordability

Product design stages
We provide a full cycle of product development: from creating technical specifications to manufacturing and launching your product

Canyon Development provides a complete line of electronic circuit boards and plastic manufacturing, assembly services as well as advanced manufacturing services. We help to prepare, control and launch product manufacturing, depending on the region where the end products will be sold: Southeast Asia, Israel or East Europe.

Rapid prototyping

At Canyon Development our design-thinking approach makes extensive use of our in-house prototyping lab and our partner’s equipment for our model-makers to make ideas tangible – from rough hand-made plastics models to high-fidelity interactive prototypes (stereolithography and CNC). We apply fast prototyping logistics to meet development cycles on time and accurately.

Embedded development

Canyon Development designs firmware that enable the hardware components of a custom device to flawlessly communicate with software. We can also customize popular embedded operating systems: Linux, Android Open Source Project (AOSP), FreeRTOS and others.

Schematics and PCB

We implement a full range of engineering practices to develop reliable circuits: high-density PCB layouts, SoC, multilayer/ flexible boards, high-speed interfaces (multicore CPU, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, FPGA, CPLD, eMMC, NAND), wireless channels (Zigbee, WiFi, Z-wave, NFC, GSM, 3G, LTE, etc.), video and audio processing circuits, systems with autonomous power supplies (Li-ion/Li-pol elements), wireless Qi energy transfer, external energy harvesters, etc.

Mechanical Design

Our engineers use an agile framework to make the final product in the shortest amount of time. Our production and mechanical engineers help customers choose the required plastics, ceramics or metals for making the product enclosure and components in accordance with all operational conditions (specific temperature, humidity or underwater usage).

Industrial Design

We look for the best solution at the intersection of design and industrial production. Criteria successful product: perfect design, technical feasibility and focus on the end-user

Niche expertise

The area in which we are the most focused and experienced. Our engineers love to create challenging products at the merger of robotics and machine learning (ML)

Consumer Internet of Things (IoT)

We have extensive experience in creating consumer IoT products (chip architecture, wireless) from idea stage to serial market

Smart videocameras

We know how to create reliable and working video cameras that work with no latencies or failures — especially critical if the cameras are focused on tracking people or objects

Wearables/ handheld

We have perfected making portable and miniature devices with removable power supplies (Li-ion, Li-pol) and wireless Qi energy transfer


RTLS/tracking systems

RTLS uses IoT devices for real-time visibility into operations across the supply chain



One of the most popular areas in which we always see great interest – open field agriculture, where different sensors and gateways for collecting data have been designed, including of microclimate control for hydroponic systems