Consumer Internet of Things (IoT)

We have extensive experience in creating consum er IoT products (chip architecture, wireless) from idea stage to serial market

Smart heating system

Smart heating system, that learns a user’s preferences and habits (BLE controlled)

Smart home base stations

Smart home base stations (ZigBee 4.0, ZWave based)

NB-IoT water/electricity sensors

NB-IoT water/electricity sensors (Quectel BC95 module based)

WiFi/BT-controlled smart-lock

WiFi/BT-controlled smart-lock (camera, fisheye lense, microphone, speakers)

Light switches/dimmers

Light switches/dimmers (ZigBee 4.0 based)

Safety systems

Safety systems that notify homeowner about the leakage of water, gas (ZigBee 4.0, NB-IoT)