We are the architects and engineers on a mission to bring breakthrough electronic products into the world

We are headquartered in San Francisco (CA) and Newark (DE) in the United States with an R&D center in Dnipro (Ukraine). We work to create intuitive and reliable solutions that delight users on both perception and performance levels. Since our founding we have designed over 73 products for both international startups and middle-stage companies

A partner to the world’s most ambitious companies
We highly value the trusted relationships we have with our awesome partners – the result of intense work, regular meetings and perfect communication
Our services
Industrial Design
  • Design Strategy, Research and Analysis
  • Product Aesthetics
  • Human Factors and Experience Design
  • Product Function, Invention and Feauture
  • Material and Detail Specification
Product Design
  • Design strategy
  • Functional design
  • Detail design
  • 3D visualization
Mechanical Engineering
  • Enclosure and mechanism engineering
  • Strength and thermal analysis
  • Designing for manufacturability
  • Validation testing
Schematics & PCB
  • System architecture
  • Schematics design
  • PCB layout
  • PCB/BOM compliance review
Embedded development
  • System architecture
  • Determining the development platform
  • Coding the applications and optimizing on PoC stage
  • Validation testing
  • Developing firmware optimizations on pilot PCB
  • Verifying the embedded code on the finished product
  • Choosing the right manufacturing
  • Preparing the production
  • PCB/PCBA production
  • Plastic components manufacturing
  • Full product assembling
  • QA testing
  • Product delivery
Global partnership
The partners that we’ve created products for have attracted different rounds investments over the past 2 years. Thousands of the products we have launched are distributed worldwide already, and many of them can be found on the shelves of leading IoT electronics shops in the US, Canada and Germany.
We thrive on engineering adventures and are always on the lookout for new trends, new business partnerships and new collaborations.